India to acquire Russian S-400 system


India and Russia signed  major multi-billion dollar defence deal on the sidelines of the BRICS summit.


In Oct 2015 it was reported that India’s Defense Acquisition Council would acquire 12 units of S-400 for its defense needs. This deal was to be confirmed before Indian Prime Minister Modi’s scheduled visit to Russia in the last week of December 2015. On 17 December 2015 it was confirmed that the order will be for 5 Units rather than 12 units as originally envisaged. The deal is worth $6 billion (400 billion Rupees at the current exchange Rate). The reduction in numbers of S-400 is considered to be adequate for India’s defensive needs.

The S-400 missile system in particular has raised eyebrows among a number of NATO countries with the system capable of destroying missiles, drones, and incoming fighter jets within a range of 250 miles (400 km) with analysts speculating that the advanced anti-aircraft system renders the F-35 fighter jet stealth technology utterly useless – the vaunted aircraft that the US spent $1.5 trillion on developing.

What is S-400 ?

It’s the state-of -the -art air defence missile system . Whose work is to destroy opponents missile or fighter jets . Suppose , Pakistan catapults a missile over India ,then S-400 will be activated and thwart their missile in air , It’ll protect the territories of our country . Success rate is staggering 90% . India was considering American missile system : patriot , but then dropped the idea of buying it from them because of range issues . It had 160 km , which is very less compared to S-400 .

the Russian S-400 SAM, known as the “Triumf” at home and better known to NATO as the SA-21 “Growler,” is the most capable and lethal long-range air defense missile system on the planet. Developed by Almaz-Antey Central Design Bureau, the S-400 has been in service with the Russian military since 2007. The system is capable of destroying airborne targets as far as 250 miles(400 km) away, at speeds that are just….ridiculous.


  • Having an expertise in neutralising drones as well as ballistic and cruise missile within the range of 400 kms up to an altitude of 32 km .
  • The system is equipped with three different type of missiles and radar capable of tracking up to 300 targets within the range of 600 km . Thus , creating a defence layer and can engage up to 36 target simultaneously.
  • With tracking range of 600 km and ability to hit the target within 400 km at a scintillating speed of 17000 km an hour . Interestingly , Pakistan have F-16 fighter jet , which they got by begging from USA , whose speed is 2175 km an hour ,now ,can’t even think to enter Indian territory.
  • Each S-400 Batallion has 8 launchers , a control centre , radar and 16 missiles available as reloads . ( India will be purchasing 5 battalions )


The deal was finally inked on October 15,2016 during Vladimir Putin’s visit to India for the 2016 BRICS Summit in Goa for 5.5 billion dollars along with the deal for 4 additional Talwar-class frigates for the Indian Navy and 197 light helicopter for the Indian Army and Indian Air Force.


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